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Charles Gatlin began farming cattle more than 50 years ago. When he started it was more of trial and error of sorts. Some years the cattle looked healthy, some years not so much. It was the “not so much years” that caused Charles to experiment with different grains and grain mixes to supplement his livestock herds. Through personal experience and consultation with veterinary experts, Charles developed a mix of grain, grain by-products, corn and other supplements to supplement his herds. Soon he was selling his mixtures to neighbors and friends who also noticed healthier, heartier livestock.

Charles’ son Jeff purchased the mill and continues to operate it under the same standards his father did. For over 30 years Gatlin Feed has become a trusted name to farmers in south Mississippi. Using superior commodities and purchasing the ingredients themselves, Gatlin feed controls all of the raw components of each mix. Workers at the mill routinely sample ingredients to ensure accurate cleaning, mixing, and processing of each blend of livestock and wildlife product.

In addition to producing its own line of livestock and wildlife feeds, Gatlin Feed can also customize a feeding program for ranchers and farmers with special needs. Contact us today to discuss getting your farm on a superior feeding program. Because when you’re feeding Gatlin Feed, you’re feeding the best.


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